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Regardless of the size of your company, building a solid brand strategy is a key competitive advantage.

A brand is not just a relationship, but also an experience. It goes beyond the logo and name on your business card. Brand is the personality of your business, a movie of your company. It is the way the organization speaks, the way the customer buys, what its employees think, the service, the access and even the overcoming of expectations.

A solid brand reduces costs, first because you can become a reference in the sector in which you operate. And a referral attracts customers with less effort, as people like to do business with those they are most familiar with. In addition, consistent brands create value, arousing greater interest from consumers, who are even willing to pay a little more for services from companies with which they identify.

Internally, the brand platform, with its mission, vision and values, serves as a guide so that all decisions are always consistent with the company's way of thinking and acting. This strengthens the relationship with stakeholders, customer loyalty and, in turn, results.

By building solid brands, we connect people and help engage them in ideas, projects and actions, contributing to a dynamic culture of proactivity, dedication and fulfillment of corporate goals.

Does your company have a defined brand strategy?

If the answer is “no” or “I have doubts”, you need to know that your company could be losing money. A solid branding strategy will enable you to more effectively attract and retain customers. It will help to reduce the price and market pressures any company faces.

Start by asking yourself what is your brand promise? What was the purpose of creating your company? Which consumers is this relevant to?

Understanding this context and making it tangible is fundamental for building your brand strategy, as it will be the guide for everything your company proposes to do (and how it does it), its products and services, customer service and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and its internal and external communication.

Now, if the answer is “yes, I have a brand strategy”, congratulations. Certainly, your company is already a step ahead and perhaps your need may be to reposition it due to market issues, a merger project or take the company to another level of performance. In that case, execution and internal alignment are the paths you need most.

Essential factors to ensure the success of a branding project

1 – Understand that the project does not belong to the marketing area, but to the company.

2 – The company’s management is responsible for the project while marketing is the manager

3 – Involving key people from different areas, as they will then be responsible for ensuring the experiences internally and externally

4 – Guarantee budget and time resources for the project

5 – Choose a partner that has experience, methodologies, business vision and practice in the operation or field.

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