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Paid Traffic Agency focused on generating real opportunities for your business

We are an agency specializing in positioning and highlighting businesses in a relevant way on the internet. Our biggest concern is that your phone rings, that your WhatsApp receives new contacts daily and that this effort helps you sell. There's no point in contacts that don't actually become customers! That's why our dedication is to reach the right audience for you and generate real business opportunities.

Bring more customers to your business with objective campaigns!

The agency's level of knowledge and dedication directly influences the result! We optimize your campaigns to get the most out of your investment. Receive more visits to your website and social networks, be seen by those looking for your products or services.

Why invest in Paid Traffic?

We are a specialized Paid Traffic Agency, we care about defining the right investments! You don’t need to be on every network or invest in every platform! Therefore, we first understand your needs, your competitors and your target audience, to then design the best strategy for your business.

Greater assertiveness

With Paid Traffic we effectively reach people who are looking to use what you offer. And the best! You only pay if your ad is clicked.

For all segments

There is nothing that today is not searched on Google, or who is not on Social Networks, right? That’s why investing in Paid Traffic is the right strategy for all business categories.

Customers ready to buy

We are specialists in creating highly assertive Paid Traffic strategies, whether impacting those looking for something, or targeting a very specific audience.

Clear and measurable investment

We care about tracking and monitoring all stages of your campaigns. This allows you to be clear that your investment is paying off.

So if you’re looking for a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Paid Traffic, get in touch today and talk to our experts. We have offices in Brazil, the United States and London.

What we do

  • Creation of the persona and target audience;
  • Creation, configuration, optimization and monitoring of paid traffic campaigns;
  • Production of creatives for remarketing campaigns;
  • Results reports.

Call and make your budget

+55 (62) 3088-1130

call and talk to our experts!

+55 (62) 3088-1130

About Webcer

We increase your sales with Strategic Digital Marketing, with Inbound Marketing Management, Paid Traffic, SEO, Website Development, Video Production and Visual Identity in Brazil, United States and Europe.
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