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Remarketing on Google Adwords

When we talk about campaigns on Google Adwords with high efficiency, we are talking about remarketing. This type of strategy consists of re-impacting your website visitors, strengthening your brand and instigating conversion. With Agência Mestre, your company can gain even more sales and leads for your business!

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of targeted advertising where the online ad is targeted to potential customers based on their past actions on the Internet, in situations where those actions did not result in a sale or conversion, i.e. remarketing serves ads to people with more often after they have left the advertiser's site. Imagine that your potential customer saw your product on your website, but decided to think better before buying. Hours later, this same user decides to get distracted on Instagram. Instead of losing this potential customer, remarketing will make them “follow” them by creating ads within Instagram that can catch their attention again and, thus, lead them to convert.

If, in another example, you sell courses and a user visited your site searching for your courses, but did not convert and went to chat with friends on Instagram. Its website has already been closed and forgotten, but remarketing continues to work by following the user and displaying relevant advertising to him on Facebook, more precisely about that course he spent hours researching on your website.

To achieve more results, your company needs to use all mechanisms to reach your customers. We at Webcer Marketing Digital can create Remarketing campaigns on Google Adwords, intensifying your brand's exposure to your client. With this strategy, you will be able to enjoy more sales and conversions, reaching your internal goals and growing your company.

How does the Remarketing Campaign work?

Niche Analysis

Through Facebook itself and tools like Hitwise, our team will map your niche market, identifying who your target audience is to create the most optimized campaign possible.

Site Page Analysis

Through a study on the client’s website, we identify subjects that your target audience likes. Based on this, we set up a content and ads action plan, so that users mapped in the previous step can be interested in ads.

What we do

  • Creation of the persona and target audience;
  • Creation, configuration and monitoring of campaigns;
  • Production of creatives for remarketing campaigns;
  • Results reports.


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